Visé 8

Artistic interventions in a family house before renovation works. 8 artists invited by Alice De Visscher. The various installations highlight objects that have been abandoned in the empty house.
Objects, light and art pieces are set up together to create new stories.





Scène de genre?
In the kitchen, a table, two chairs, a napkin, a dried bouquet, pebbles on the floor and a drawing. The scene recalls an intimate dining spot before elderly owners left it. Between the still lives paintings and the « scène de genre ».

Pictures © Béatrice Didier, Luis Alvarez, A-S de Visscher

Le bouquet
In the basement, a dried bouquet under the staircase, a spotlight and a candle.
The subtle movement of the bouquet created by the candle’s heat draws slowly dancing shadows on the wall. Like smooth breathing.

Pictures © A-S de Visscher, Bernard Polet

Histoire de cailloux
In the attic room, pebbles found in the garden become part of an installation. In combination with the cut out shapes on paper, the scene reminds us of the concept of a collection, the displacement of collectables and their absences.

Pictures © A-S de Visscher, Bernard Polet, Luis Alvarez